This was my first significant repair using aerospace grade methods and materials as a substitute for traditional repair that would have meant removing the top and using hide glue and wood splicing methods.  

Instead, with the help Paul Wargaski of Wargaski Violins, who also did the varnish touch up, we were able to keep the top attached by about 20% up near the top block.  

First the surface crack was repaired using clamps and hide glue, then using my avionics reach tools I was able to epoxy a small patch of carbon fiber tape to the under face of the top for integrity in the area of the treble bridge foot and the sound post.   There is one picture in the slide show that could only be taken at a severe angle that shows the black carbon plate and a small piece of dacron to absorb excess epoxy that was then removed.  Here it is again slightly enlarged of the photo.