StringWizards is only a gathering point of many who know the importance of children and equity of opportunity.   

Enormous thanks to Jeff Campbell and Hungry for Music in Washington DC and Peter Seman and Paul Wargaski in town for the donated instruments that for the most part are student violins lacking value as commercial rental inventory, but still with useful life.  Thanks also to Paul Wargaski sharing his skills with me, some hard work and innovative thinking as well.  Violins like this can be restored in a non-profit setting which became the seed corn for StringWizards, which inturn thanks to St. Ignatius has given new opportunity to students waiting in the wings to join the orchestra.

Most dirt comes off with Simple Green.  New strings can be hand thanks to the D'Addario String Foundation.  Bow replacements and re-strings are available in part from the generosity of Michael Vann and BowHair.com in British Columbia. 

Long silenced inner city school auditoriums like the one above come to life again filled with cheering families and with orchestral sounds because Someone has lighted the way for us.    Lumen Christi.