StringWizards is an inspiring story that none of us ever really believed to happen, and yet it did.  

Enormous thanks goes to Paul Wargaski who is the brain child to this and spent hours and hours converting my aero-engineering mindset towards toward a new set of esthetics.  Also right from the very beginning was Susanne D'Addario Brouder and the D'Addario Foundation for her belief in me and constant assistance with string replacements. 

Our donated parts and instrument inventory comes from Jeff Campbell and Hungry for Music in Washington DC, and from Peter Seman and Paul Wargaski in town.  Violin repair high art.  Training manuals and courseware is expensive.  Besides Paul, I want to thank David Lashof Violins and Michael Vann bow maker for their generosity in this area.

I operated out of my car for years, and worked across cafeteria tables with 10 and 11 year olds.  I miss those days, but I am indebted to St. Ignatius College Prep for donated space on their campus and access to their student body, which has greatly multiplied the shop output, allowed for the Non Profit model training model to emerge.  ‚Äč

Long silenced inner city school auditoriums like the one above come to life again, filled with cheering families and with orchestral sounds because Someone has lighted the way for us.    Lumen Christi.