The STRING WIZARDS would like to also publicly thank the D'Addario Foundation for their very early belief in these ideas and their support of our common goals.  Here is their mission statement:  

The D’Addario Foundation is a unique non-profit grant-making organization providing monetary and product support to high-quality sustainable music instruction programs on the frontline to improve access to music education. We support programs that bring music back into communities and schools and get kids playing as early and as frequently as possible. The D'Addario Foundation believes in the transformative power of music and that mentoring and building communities through music can positively affect social change.

Below is a picture of the BVM convent at St. Agatha's in North Lawndale where I store some of our donated instruments.  The BVM's are an order of nuns.  You can read about them here at the link below.  They taught kids at St. Agatha's for 111 years starting back in the 1890's.

I was taught by BVM's.  The love and attention I was shown rubbed off on me.  I may have learned commitment from the Jesuits, but the compassion comes from the BVM's, and the kids still notice; just like I did.  I hope to pass along, what was shown to me.  This was their dining room.  Today the convent is closed.  ​​



String Wizards is particularly indebted to to Paul Wargaski of Wargaski Violins.    Paul's endless donations of time, and spare parts and priceless advice is the spark that ignited the fire that today is the String Wizard Program.  We are also grateful for his Luthier's Workshop, which provides formal luthier services to the two above schools and others through a grant from the Tarisio Trust.  Here is only one example of his assistance to helping the children experience the joys of hands-on learning and achievement.  

The Luthier’s Workshop is a mobile micro-shop that assists schools and nonprofits with maintenance and upkeep of their instruments.   

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Next I need to mention Peter Seman Violins in Skokie. All of the above instruments were a donation from them for the workshop kids to repair which includes the box of violins over under the window. 

North Park University now has a certificate program for the music majors and others that examines, in depth, the social change potentials of music education.  You can learn more here:   I am grateful to Dr. Tom Zelle of the NPU music department for allowing me to audit the certificate program as a non-traditional aged student.