StringWizards is an inspiring story.  

Enormous thanks goes to Paul Wargaski for the concept itself, and the hours he spent converting my aero-engineering mindset into violin esthetics.  I bring a set of aerospace fabrication skills thanks to Malcolm Collier at Hangar 18 in South Carolina.  Susanne D'Addario Brouder and the D'Addario Foundation were also here from the very start, I am grateful for her belief in me and the project concept.  Her early contributions were crucial.   The D'Addario Foundation is our source for string replacements which is the biggest ingredient to sound improvement.  

Our parts and instrument inventory comes from

  • Suzanne D'Addario Brouder (D'Addario Foundation)
  • Jeff Campbell (Hungry for Music)  Washington DC, and 
  • Peter Seman, and
  • Paul Wargaski
  • Michael Vann for bow hair and equipment
  • Andrew Glasser of the Glasser Bow Company.  
  • and dozens of others who have come forward with individual contributions.  

Technical violin training, and training manuals and videos are expensive.  We have benefited from generous contributions from 

  • Paul Wargaski Violins, Chicago and 
  • David Lashof Violins. Gaithersburg, MD and
  • Michael Vann, bow maker of British Columbia, Canada


I am indebted to St. Ignatius College Prep for donated space on their campus, for allowing me to join the Music Department in volunteer status, and to pursue this Music Arts and social justice initiative with participating students.