The violin to the lower right is worth $10,000.  The one above it is $200.  The bows respectively are $2000 and $25.  Most of the value difference is how the instrument and bow can sound together.

Like fine wines, their dramatic differences are best appreciated when compared side by side. In each case, proper adjustment is essential. 

The two to the left would be thrown away since the cost of repair exceeds the rental value.  Professional violin repair and adjustments command a decent wage.  Damaged, or appearance marred, lower-cost instruments in this condition are discarded as unrentable or occasionally donated to a non-profit in this state of disrepair, which, while it is well meaning, is a recipe for student frustration and personal defeat.   

At St. Ignatius, things will be different.  Violins in this condition will be cleaned and repaired with scavenged parts, adjusted for best sound and donated to tuition free orchestras.  Because of this outreach by St. Ignatius and its student volunteers, instruments in serious disrepair can be made usable for youth music education.  


Terry Miles

St. Ignatius, ‚Äč

Class of 1964