String Wizards at St. Ignatius is SOCIAL INNOVATION experiment designed around repairing inner-city youth-music violins.  Presently as a non-credit offering, students who volunteer will benefit by learning to repair violins while they explore other resources already in their possession to provide assistance and cost savings to inner city orchestras.  

In the operation of their own facility, students will investigate customer needs and formulate an effective business plan to market themselves and come up with effective methods to achieve the goals necessary to meet customer needs.  They will evaluate their own results toward: 

  1. Saving inner city music programs thousands of dollars each year in procurement and maintenance costs.   
  2. Making a real difference in improving the orchestral sound improvements and helping individual player success by providing better instruments.



The primary objective of STRING WIZARDS is not to advance violin making; rather it is to create a circumstance in which a select group of young adults recognizes that success depends on creative solutions, constant evaluation, and dependance on each other.