A Notice To Parents from Terry Miles

String Wizards (SW) is an arts partner at St. Ignatius, and not under to the school's academic unbrella.  It is a social entrepreneurship experiment in a secondary school setting as opposed to it's usual setting in a MBA program.  We are a functional, albeit fictional Non-Profit Organization, designed as such, so that participants can practice critical business skills by operating a real-world, pro-bono violin repair shop in actual service to inner city music schools

Participants will learn violin repair and restoration skills, simultaneously manage the shop's data base and web site.  The students will write mock grant proposals to major arts foundations, which have expressed interest showing the students how non-profit arts and philanthropy work together.   

Acting also as their own Board of Directors, StringWizard students will investigate market needs and formulate an effective business plan and develop methods to achieve their operational goals within budget constraints, while meeting customer needs, as well as conducting self evaluations necessary for competitive funder appeals.   



The primary objective of StringWizards is to create a controlled laboratory setting within which a small cohort of young adults can, learn a significant art skill, feel self-empowerment of providing quality output, and recognize those rewards and success depend on continual, proactive focus and persistence while setting  collaborative, realistic goals.  That this is collateral for a college resume, or a part time job, is the circularity that defines social innovation experiments like this.